Day One of NFRA Presidential Preference Convention

Great first day here in Des Moines, Iowa for the NFRA Presidential Preference Convention.

National Board of Directors met are were challenged by NFRA President Rod Martin to take advantage of the voter revolution that happened in 2010 and will grow next year.

Keynote speaker for tonight's dinner sponsored by the Tea Party of America was Sharron Angle who inspired the audience with her story of being told by an activist judge she couldn't homeschool her child even though it was legal to running for school board, then serving 4 consecutive terms in the Nevada Assembly, to running for the Senate and winning the GOP nomination in 2010.

Sharron encouraged the audience to run for local office and make a difference "where all politics are local."

Tomorrow we will be having a straw poll which is open to the all registered Republicans for the cost of $20 which includes a pulled pork buffet lunch.

Great set of speakers lined up for tomorrow which includes my buddy Steve Deace, whom I finally met in person today.

For more information about the convention, visit the website.