A Fired-up Moral Compass

I wanted to share with you a commentary on the Penn State affair from David Lassiter,  my daughter Becky's boyfriend. I am quite proud of this young man's insight and moral clarity on this despicable affair. I've edited a couple of words to change it from a PG  to G rating:


We all know about that tragedies committed in State College, PA that have come to light and all that have been dismissed due to these terrible acts of child abuse, perjury, inactivity (ignoring it all together), and cover ups. The sickest part is that this had been reported as going on since 1994!!! We all have many questions that will be answered in the coming hours, days, weeks, and months, but as of now I have one pressing concern. WHY IN THE [HECK] IS MIKE MCQUEARY STILL ON STAFF...he, 28 year old (I WILL NOT CALL HIM A MAN) looked into the eyes of a terrified 10 yr old and simply walked away...I would have nearly beat that [mongrel] to death if I saw that...I don't care that he reported it...he had a MORAL obligation (as did the rest including the same board of trustees who are dictating all of the terminations) to save that poor child and prevent the consequential abuse of more children. When Tom Ridge is named president I hope he has already assembled a team of his own because they ALL need to go. More important we should all be mindful of what has happened and be guarded with who we trust our children with as a whole. I am not a parent nor do I expect to be in the near future, but my moral compass has me fired up about this whole ordeal and make no mistake He is taking notes and one way or the other (hopefully both) justice will be served.


As David said in a subsequent posting, he has now heard that Rodney Erickson and not Tom Ridge will be the new university president. Notwithstanding, would to God that more young people like David would have a fired-up moral compass.