RPOF = Really Pathetic on Freedom

This post is mostly for Florida Republicans but all freedom-loving citizens should be interested in this. Also, if any other Republicans from other states experienced this, please leave a comment below.

RPOF actually stands for Republican Party of Florida. The reason I saw they equal Really Pathetic on Freedom is because they did almost zero to get a large voter turnout in our Presidential Primary. I was having lunch with about 7 active Panhandle Republicans and none of them were contacted by the RPOF about the GOP Presidential Primary.

That would explain our poor voter turnout statewide.

One of the lunch guests, who is on one of the county Republican Executive Committee, shared an interesting story. I asked this person to send me the details. Below are this committee member's words:

I am the POC for a County Republican Executive Committee on voter registration, meaning we want to reach-out to new residents in the county who haven't yet registered that would vote Republican (or even pull some fence-sitting Dems over to our side), as well as urge folks to get out and vote.  I had asked my contact at RPOF in Tallahassee if we were going to push up the effort for the Primary to ensure all Republicans knew where to vote, that early voting opportunities were available, and encourage them to get out and vote.  He didn't so much say that getting a conservative on the ticket wasn't important; but, he seemed surprised that I was so interested in the Primary.  There appeared to be little real interest on the part of RPOF to stress the Primary, as if it really wasn't crucial.  He indicated the entire focus has been on getting prepped for the November election, and practically dismissed the Primary. The implication is that Romney was slated to win Florida and ultimately the nomination anyway, so the Primary wasn't that big of a deal...I saw very, very little info that even came out from RPOF urging Republicans to vote in the Primary.  Even our local Office of Elections didn't get the word out until just days prior to early voting beginning, which I found quite odd (they normally are quite good about getting info out in plenty of time for most any election).  True, RPOF cannot directly endorse a candidate; but, at least one would think they would strongly encourage folks to vote to express their views.  If Romney was already the chosen one in RPOF's mind, maybe they didn't even want the possibility of a serious challenge from the voters...

So registered Florida Republican, did you receive any information from the RPOF on the Presidential Primary last month? I'm not talking about candidate literature or phone calls, I'm talking from the Republican Party of Florida. As a registered Florida Republican, don't you find it odd that our state party did nothing to get out the vote in what is the most important Republican Party Primary, at least in my lifetime?

It sure does to me...