Mitt Romney, Mormonism, & Presidential Politics, Part 4

In tonight's segment, Bro Dennis answers the question:

If I do not vote for Mitt Romney, am I by default voting for Obama?

Bro Dennis' answer is what was the most enlightening to me and it dovetails with my friend Tricia Erickson's book, "Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters?": The Mormon Church Versus the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America."

Mormonism is a cult; it is by definition a cult. That is easily proved. Bro Dennis and Tricia's great concern is the Mormon Church is working very hard to become a mainstream denomination of Christianity. As a pastor, Bro Dennis must preach and defend the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As a former Mormon Bishop's daughter who was married in a bizarre temple wedding, Tricia - a born again Christian - also is defending the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am well aware that this is a very unpopular and unwelcome subject. I've already heard from some of you on this. Nevertheless, I am obeying the call the Lord has put on my life for a time such as this. I did not choose this and I would prefer to not tackle it, but then I would be in direct disobedience to my Lord. I cannot do that.

You can do with this information what you will. My prayer is that the truth will be heard because Jesus said that we can know the truth and that it would set us free (John 8:32). Here is part 4:

Mitt Romney, Mormonism, & Presidential Politics, Part 4

Please come tomorrow back to hear Part, the end of the interview, for answers to questions 4 and 5...