Roseanne Barr and Me










Today I tweeted the following about Roseanne Barr:

@TheRealRoseanne Barr Semi Apologizes  Praying Roseanne comes to Christ; join me Christians. #chickfila

Retweeted by Roseanne Barr
What follows is my running conversation with her and others who decided to butt in. You can follow it here or on my Twitter account @aletheiatruth:
Roseanne Barr ‏@TheRealRoseanne@aletheiatruth not your right wing CONNED servantive Christ though- that guy is a fascist construct-look into TRUTH#christwasasocialist
aletheiagroup ‏@aletheiatruth@TheRealRoseanne I'm not conned, my Jesus is Jesus of the Bible. Please read John 14:6 & 1John 1:9
Roseanne Barr ‏@TheRealRoseanne@aletheiatruth I will if you will read Balzac's "La Comedie humaine" page 102.
aletheiagroup ‏@aletheiatruth@TheRealRoseanne that's a fair trade! In fact I'll read the whole book (just downloaded to my Kindle) if you'll read all the Gospel of John
Christina Grotts ‏@christigrotts: @aletheiatruth @TheRealRoseanne I think Jews are closer to christ than christians are. He was a jew after all, and they have traditions.
Roseanne Barr ‏@TheRealRoseanne@christigrotts @aletheiatruth he was a fine jewish socialist whose whole point was to keep religion and rome separate
aletheiagroup ‏@aletheiatruth@TheRealRoseanne @christigrotts Disagree that he was a socialist in that instead of having govt feed the 5,000, He multiplied what was there
aletheiagroup ‏@aletheiatruth@christigrotts @therealroseanne Messianic Jews very devout Christians. Traditions don't make us holy; only Christ can do that.
aletheiagroup ‏@aletheiatruth@TheRealRoseanne @christigrotts Agree that Christ wanted to keep church free from state but He recognized the role of government.
aletheiagroup ‏@aletheiatruth@TheRealRoseanne @christigrotts Respectively disagree. Socialism is 19th Century man-made economic system. Jesus taught Golden Rule Luke 6
Christina Grotts ‏@christigrotts@TheRealRoseanne @aletheiatruth if the govt is corrupt, you can't rely on them to take care of their own. So it's best to teach the people.
aletheiagroup ‏@aletheiatruth@christigrotts @therealroseanne American govt is corrupt because WE the People accept it. We get govt we deserve
(Now here is where it gets somewhat vile...)
Jane Barton ‏@bollbar@aletheiatruth @TheRealRoseanne I'mTHRILLED that holy Christians eat Chickfil chicken anus! EAT MORE CHICKEN! EAT MORE ANUS! I stand WITH U!
aletheiagroup ‏@aletheiatruth@bollbar @TheRealRoseanne Wow, very nice response. At least Roseanne and I are having a civil discussion. Thanks for butting in.
(Miss Muggins comes to my rescue...)
dm @missumuggins@bollbar @aletheiatruth @TheRealRoseanne how sweet.. so tolerant and so special..
Jane Barton ‏@bollbar@aletheiatruth @TheRealRoseanne I pray for all Christian whores and bigots to eat Chickfil-a chicken anus. I pray to JEEEEESUS!
aletheiagroup ‏@aletheiatruth@bollbar @TheRealRoseanne Very nice Jane. Keep representin!
Jane Barton ‏@bollbar@aletheiatruth Thank U so much! I stand for FREEDOM to eat chicken anus! This is AMERICA! It's the Christian thing to do. I stand with U!
aletheiagroup ‏@aletheiatruth@bollbar What a great American you are!
Jane Barton ‏@bollbar@aletheiatruth JEEEESUS is the WAY and the LIFE! Only thru HIM do I have the right to eat CHICKEN ANUS! HALLELUYAH!!!!
aletheiagroup ‏@aletheiatruth@bollbar wow you're setting a new standard for blasphemy.
Jane Barton ‏@bollbar@aletheiatruth Oh HOLY JEEESUS!!!! I thank GOD for sending me CHICK-FIL-A CHICKEN ANUS to EAT!!! WE ARE BLESSED!!!!
Christina Grotts ‏@christigrotts@aletheiatruth @TheRealRoseanne the bible is a compilation of what one group of men thought we should do, edited and changed just for us.
aletheiagroup ‏@aletheiatruth@christigrotts @TheRealRoseanne Actually the Bible is composed of 66 books written by 40 men over 1500 years & they all point to Jesus.
Christina Grotts ‏@christigrotts@aletheiatruth @TheRealRoseanne disagree. No one deserves to be ripped off by people who vowed to protect our rights. It's like parenting.
aletheiagroup ‏@aletheiatruth@christigrotts @TheRealRoseanne Understand, but we continue to elect the same type of people & get same results. Time to hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE
Roseanne Barr ‏@TheRealRoseanne@aletheiatruth @christigrotts the bible was written by a woman named "J"
aletheiagroup ‏@aletheiatruth@TheRealRoseanne @christigrotts Really? That's a new one on me. Do tell!
(And we'll let vile Jane have the last blasphemous word...)
Please pray for all three women who responded; you can tell by their responses they all need Jesus.