Are the Dems Rope-A-Dopin’ the GOP?

The Democrats are adding a new plank to their platform, one that is seemingly an election night loser. They are proposing to endorse same-sex marriage in their upcoming 2012 Democratic Party Platform. Writing in the Daily Beast Eleanor Clift reports that for the committee this was a no-brainer.

Either Democrats are stupid, ideologically-attached to gay marriage, or something else is up.

The outcry from African-American churches and the fact proponents for same-sex marriage legalization are 0 for 31 on ballot initiatives makes this a large risk in November for President Obama and Democrat candidates.

Unless the Democratic Party has no intention of approving this plank.

The Democratic Nominating Convention follows a few days after the GOP convention and coronation of Mitt Romney as their candidate. Now for Republicans, with a large part of their base being evangelical values voters, this a winning issue to run against.

Therein lies the problem. If the GOP comes out strong against the Dems plank, which they should but only time will tell, or if the media pushes them into the national debate, then the GOP will be rightfully aligned against gay marriage.

But come September 6 and the Democrats leave Charlotte with or without the gay marriage plank in place, and the help of the Obama Press Corps, aka mainstream media, the gay marriage plank can become an election day issue.

And then the October surprise can be unleashed. The Obama campaign will be able to easily show the hypocrisy of Mitt Romney and the GOP for nominating the Father of Gay Marriage in Massachusetts.

They will be able to show from the very words of Goodrich vs. the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that the Massachusetts Supreme Court ordered the state legislature, NOT Mitt Romney, to legalize same-sex marriage. They will also be able to show that the legislature ignored the court's ruling and that then Governor Mitt Romney illegally ordered marriage license applications to be changed from "Husband" and "Wife" to "Party A" and "Party B." They will also be able to easily counter Romney's defense of saying he was following the orders of the court when the court recognized it had no power to enforce its own ruling.

Why will they be able to do this so easily? Because documented proof has been available for six years at Not only that, but every major Christian and conservative organization, and GOP establishment types have been made abundantly aware of these facts. I have personally been privy to many of the emails.

In fact, the primary source of those emails, Gregg Jackson, co-authored a book with radio host Steve Deace titled "We Won't Get Fooled Again: Where the Christian Right Went Wrong and How to Make America Right Again," which outlines not only this sad chapter but others too.

Again I could be wrong about the Dems having this up their sleeve, but do you really believe the Obama War Machine is completely ignorant of this information?

What better way to suppress conservative evangelical votes than this October surprise?

Only time will tell.