Drudging Up The Old While Obscuring The New

Here's my take on the supposed explosive "never before seen" video released by Tucker Carlson on his website and discussed on FOXNews' Hannity:

Watching Hannity and Tucker Carlson. They are so over-the-top trying to make the Obama video the October surprise.

It's not as bad as they're trying to hype it. It looks like two white guys acting all bent outta shape about black people acting black in a black church. I'm afraid this is gonna totally backfire and help Obama.

What was the big news story tearing Obama a new backside this week? Libya and the cover-up. Even the MSM was actually reporting on it. Now they get to change the dialogue to this non-story of how the conservative media is desperately dredging up old news. Hannity has blown it. Ditto Tucker Carlson. If I'm Obama's team I'm high fiving about now.

The conservative media are hyping this video because they're desperately trying to save Romney's campaign. Obama has spent the last year in the campaign mode doing all the divisiveness that Hannity and Carlson were hyperventilating about. I would have never released this unless it was the very last resort and Romney had no chance of winning.

One day conservatives will learn how to win at political combat by not chasing the bright shiny thing.