My Christmas Wish



If anyone is looking for a last minute gift for me, here's an idea.

Please, somehow, someway, can we please get rid of John Boehner as Speaker of the House?

Or, and if you're looking for a small stocking stuffer for me, thrown in the ouster of Eric Cantor as House Majority Leader.

These two men lack one essential ingredient to be the two most powerful leaders in the House of Representatives.

Any idea what it is?

L - E - A - D - E - R - S - H - I - P

That's right, leadership. It may just be my naiveté, or my 22 years in the Army, of which four I taught leadership to senior noncommissioned officers, or just common sense, that to be a leader, you need, well, the ability to lead!

And yet these two men have bungled, fumbled, stumbled, and tumbled over themselves and anyone else in their way trying to appease Obama and the Democrats.

And if that wasn't bad enough, House conservatives who oppose them are being pushed out of key committee seats.

So, it is high time WE the People push back and demand that the new 113th Congress in January begin with new leadership in the House of Representatives.