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A Pastor’s Perspective – Part 6: “I Will Not Sell Out the Gospel”

In our last and longest segment, I ask Bro Dennis about voting against Obama as an enemy of the state. While he recognizes this as a hard issue for everyone, and he states that our people are free to vote as they want, his priority is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bro Dennis Part 6

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A Pastor’s Perspective – Part 5: “I Tell Them to Grow Up!”

In this short segment, Bro Dennis tackles the statement of voting third party or not voting for president is a vote for Barack Obama.

If you agree with this statement, you will not like his answer.

Bro Dennis Part 5

The last part of the interview, I ask Bro Dennis if a case can be made to vote against Barack Obama as an enemy of the state.

We'll post that tomorrow.

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A Pastor’s Perspective – Part 4: Hogs Don’t Butcher Themselves

In this segment I ask Bro Dennis if voting for Mitt Romney as a way to save our economy, to stop the bleeding, is allowed biblically?

Bro Dennis comes up with another classic line while talking about Congress and it's unwillingness to make real cuts in the budget.

He then explains from where moral clarity and courage comes, which is so missing in Washington D.C. and is the only hope for our nation.

Bro Dennis Part 4

Next segment we tackle the charge that not voting for Mitt Romney is a vote for Barack Obama.

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A Pastor’s Perspective – Part 3: Tired of Carrots

In this segment we look at the question of voting for Mitt Romney as a way to stop Barack Obama and the quadrennial argument of voting for the lesser of two evils because the Supreme Court is up for grabs.

If you  know Bro Dennis he definitely had an answer for both of these arguments.

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Bro Dennis Part 3

In Part 4 we tackle the argument that this election is all about the economy.

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A Pastor’s Perspective – Part 2: Legitimizing A False Gospel

In this segment Bro Dennis expounds on his opposition to electing a Mormon as President. He tackles the argument that Mormonism will be better exposed with a Mormon in the White House. His classic line from this segment is:

"You can't kiss the girl and slap her at the same time; it doesn't work at the dance."

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Bro Dennis Part 2

In the next segment we switch gears and focus on Obama.

Check back tomorrow for Part 3

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A Pastor’s Perspective – Part 1: Can A Christian Vote for a Mormon?

Many Christians are stating unequivocally that Christian can or cannot vote for a Mormon, depending on your outlook.

Many others are unsure of what to do with the choice of Mitt Romney. I took this question and others to my pastor, Dr. Dennis J. Brunet, Senior Pastor of Midway Baptist Church in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

In this first segment, Bro Dennis (as he likes to be called) gives his answer to the question: Can A Christian Vote for a Mormon?

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 A Pastor's Perspective - Part 1: Can A Christian Vote for a Mormon?

At the end of this segment Bro Dennis comes to the point of explaining the importance of the presidency and why he won't vote for a Mormon.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2.

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Drudging Up The Old While Obscuring The New

Here's my take on the supposed explosive "never before seen" video released by Tucker Carlson on his website and discussed on FOXNews' Hannity:

Watching Hannity and Tucker Carlson. They are so over-the-top trying to make the Obama video the October surprise.

It's not as bad as they're trying to hype it. It looks like two white guys acting all bent outta shape about black people acting black in a black church. I'm afraid this is gonna totally backfire and help Obama.

What was the big news story tearing Obama a new backside this week? Libya and the cover-up. Even the MSM was actually reporting on it. Now they get to change the dialogue to this non-story of how the conservative media is desperately dredging up old news. Hannity has blown it. Ditto Tucker Carlson. If I'm Obama's team I'm high fiving about now.

The conservative media are hyping this video because they're desperately trying to save Romney's campaign. Obama has spent the last year in the campaign mode doing all the divisiveness that Hannity and Carlson were hyperventilating about. I would have never released this unless it was the very last resort and Romney had no chance of winning.

One day conservatives will learn how to win at political combat by not chasing the bright shiny thing.

After the confetti is gone…

...what now? What do we do when the reality of our choices settle in?

This week we will have to endure the lies and hypocrisy of the Left and its lapdog media.

But how do we make sound judgments when it comes to voting for our elected representatives?

We tackle this subject in the current The Truth Newsletter.

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Yes Sarah, There Will Be Death Panels

So it seems that Sarah Palin was right after all. There will be death panels under ObamaCare when it comes to neurosurgery for stroke and aneurysm for people 70 years and older.

Mind you, under ObamaCare, these people are not considered people, they are described as "units."

I know that there have been many superfluous comparisons of the Obama Administration to Adolf Hitler, but the Third Reich did indeed call some people "units."

This audio below is from my good buddy Mark Levin's show from a caller last November. Doug Ross, the great blogger at Director Blue has the transcript of the call and below is the audio. Please pass this far and wide!

Phone Call to Mark Levin Show from Jeff the Neurosurgeon


2016: Obama’s America

I just finished watching the Dinesh D'Souza movie "2016: Obama's America" and it is not only a must see movie, but also one of the best I've seen in a long while. I can clearly understand why the Left is castigating D'Souza for his book and subsequent movie.

I'm going to share some observations of the movie without spoiling it for you and to also whet your appetite for it enough to spend the money.

First, I could never understand what would possess Barack Obama to return the bust of Winston Churchill to Great Britain. After watching the movie it makes perfect sense.

Second, I no longer wonder if Frank Marshall Davis is Obama's actual father. I am convinced beyond all doubt that Barack Obama Sr. is Obama's father. How? By meeting his half-brother George Obama. You will be too when you meet him in the movie. Uncanny!

Third, Barack Obama's socialism and anti-Americanism are symptoms of who he is, not what defines him. The movie completely unveils Barack Hussein Obama.

Fourth, while it would be nice to see Obama's college records, you don't need them to know what kind of education he got. You already know about his radical friends Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. You'll meet more and as disturbing friends in the movie.

Lastly, the underlying issue the movie unveils, that which defines Barack Hussein Obama, is the most compelling reason why he cannot have another term in office. What he has done to our country is who he is. The movie leaves no room for doubt.

Would to God we could actually have someone to vote FOR instead of just a reason to vote AGAINST.

Notwithstanding, go to this movie tomorrow or as soon as possible. Be sure you check this website for times and locations in your area. You can watch the official move trailer below: