Conservatives Don’t Have a Messaging Problem; They Have a Governing Problem

Rubio addresses the American Conservative Union's annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in WashingtonOne day the Republican Party may actually get it. With great frustration, I read a Christian Post article reporting on National Review’s Summit, “The Future of Conservatism,” where the meme about messaging is resonating.

There is no doubt that the Republican Party is anemic in the ability to get their message out. That is true on all fronts. But that is not why the GOP loses elections.

The GOP loses elections because they govern like liberals.

The first TARP bill was passed in the Democratic-controlled Congress with 34 of 48 Senate Republicans and 108 of 199 House Republicans voting yes. That is 71% of Senate Republicans and 54% of House Republicans. When more than half of the so-called conservative party votes like liberals, then you can't really make the case that conservatives have a messaging problem.

Conservatives rightly complain about the nation’s debt, and Republicans in Congress decry the President’s out of control spending, but they don’t add in this inconvenient truth. They‘ve raised the debt ceiling every time they’ve reached the “fiscal cliff.” And spare me the idiotic statement that the debt limit wasn’t raised when you suspend it. It still allows for the actual debt to increase.

My buddy Steve Deace, nationally-syndicated radio host, puts it best. He has stated, "If Republicans actually lived up to their platform the American people might trust us more, and if we offered people solutions rather than philosophical mission statements the American people would almost always choose us over them."

Barack Obama was reelected because he turned out his base. Mitt Romney was defeated because he at best took his base for granted or worse, ignored it.

When you ignore an already disgruntled base by nominating a Governor who governed as a liberal, the mantra of “Stop the Obama Express” does not equate to large voter turnout.

Republicans do not govern like conservatives because they are afraid of being blamed for government shut downs, starving little children, and turning off old people’s heat. And when Republicans do give into the Democrats and govern like liberals, they get…wait for it…blamed anyway.

As I write this Barack Obama is delivering his partisan speech in what is traditionally known as the State of the Union Address.

Republicans have a key opportunity to go after Obama and the Democrats' destructive policies with relentless aggression. I am talking no-holds barred, winner-take-all battle royale of comparing solid conservative solutions to disastrous Democrat-liberal socialism. The contrast could not be more clear or stark.

If Republicans will simply govern like conservatives, then they will not only win back the White House and control of both houses, but they might actually rescue our nation.

Now that's a message that attracts voters.