What the Message Needs To Be

Yesterday I sent out a message via my email list and social networks and asked, when you read this, what comes to mind?

"When it comes to social issues, the Party must in fact and deed be inclusive and welcoming. If we are not, we will limit our ability to attract young people and others, including many women, who agree with us on some but not all issues."

Before we look at some of the responses, please take a few minutes to watch my video response:

Now for some of the responses. First, my devotional response can be read at:

Makes Men Forget All Pity

Here are some of the responses my readers submitted:

That's a vague statement that can be adapted to whatever the speaker/writer wants it to mean.  What social issues?  Whether or not women should breast-feed in public?  Or whether or not they should be free to abort their children?

Fundamentally disagree on this philosophy.  "Inclusive and welcoming" in today's jargon means "anything and everything" in order to secure votes. So, we compromise on basic principles, acknowledging every perverse lifestyle as OK and equal.  The Party should never lower its standards and the bar just to attract support...to do so will take us down the path of liberals and we'll end up in the trash heap, as we will well deserve.

Ronald Reagan, an old white rich guy according to this RNC report, won 49 states and brought millions of young people into the Republican party with strong support of social, fiscal and national defense conservative principles. He didn't compromise his values, he led the way and those who agreed with him all or most of the time followed. . the RNC wants to ignore this model and compromise, rather than lead by principle, as if Reagan never existed. Well how well has that worked with moderates like McCain and Romney? (Answer: Not too well)

What comes to my mind is fear! Fear for my future grandchildren and the kind of junk they will have to face in this world because WE have become so "Inclusive and Welcoming". Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree and not be so accommodating.

I believe the question is over broad and cannot be answered as written. The 'some social issues' must be defined. Clarity will enable the writer to separate preference on issues from non-negotiable issues. God bless.

A Traitor.  

ALL parties are focusing too heavily on social issues.  IMHO.

The Romney-Reince-Rove-Bushies-Christee-McCain RINOs who despise Bible believing Christian conservatives more than liberal Dems...

So you can see that the comments ran the gamut.

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