Hasan’s Hustle

imageSo once again the Pentagon's Perfumed Princes have been played by a lowly Army major. Relying on the political correctness that has turned our generals into military eunuchs, Nidal Hasan masterfully used our nation's moral relativism to his advantage.


FACT: Hasan's murder spree was an act of terror, but the military to this day calls it work place violence.

FACT: Hasan's radical views were well known by the Army and yet they allowed him to continue as though he was your typical Army officer.

FACT: Hasan demanded to defend himself and to have the Army provide him a defense team, which the Army dutifully paid for Edith tax payer dollars. Among those tax payers are the surviving family members of Hasan's murder spree.

Hasan never had any intention of defending himself. During the trial Hasan admitted that he was the shooter and that he was justified in killing innocent soldiers because he was an Islamic holy warrior.

So when the time came for Hasan to begin his defense, it took him three words to do so: "The defense rests."

Some four years after an obvious attack of terrorism at Foot Hood, Texas the only question left is will the military judge give Hasan his wish and grant him the satanic martyrdom he assumes awaits him.

The only thing awaiting Hasan is hell.