Done Deal

let'smakeadealSo are you surprised that most of the GOP Establishment is coming out in favor backing Barack Obama's senseless attack on Syria? My only surprise is how long it took me to figure out what actually went down.

I was reading my Twitter feed for the latest tweets on Syria and I found it interesting that I didn't see any Establipublicans commenting on the hottest news item of the day. So I went to the GOP's Twitter feed and lo and behold there's not been one tweet about Syria in a week. I found this strange and tweeted as much:

My tweet was replied to by Donnie Parker III that to be fair Barack Obama had not tweeted about it either. I told him that was because Obama was using congressional approval to attack Syria as a wedge issue within the GOP. Donnie replied it was also one with the Democrats. I made a joke that I didn't care that it was for the Democrats.

But then that got me curious. What were the Democrats saying on their Twitter page about Syria? Lo and behold the Democrats haven't tweeted about Syria. Hmm? Something smells rotten in D.C. No tweets on Syria by Barack Obama, the Democrats, or the Establipublicans.

And then it hit me. It's a done deal; it's been a done deal since last week. In fact you're already hearing the Establipublicans parroting the same talking points as Obama and the Democrats.

Once again Americans are being played the fool. We're going to attack a sovereign nation on sketchy intelligence, of which some reports say the rebels actually gassed the civilians to draw America into attack Syrian President Bashar Assad.

What could possibly go wrong? What's that? Egypt and Libya? Oh, but those are not the same thing.

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For Liberty!