Barry Is No Harry

truman_buck_stopsHere is a famous picture of President Harry S. Truman with a sign on his desk that says, "The Buck Stops Here."

While I would not have agreed with much of President Truman's domestic policies, when it came to foreign policy he was a hawk compared to many of his predecessors.

What you could always admire about "Give "Em Hell Harry" is that he was plain-spoken and intellectually honest. Again, that doesn't mean you would always agree with him, but you could respect him.

Here's a video of Harry Truman in his later years explaining a president's level of responsibility:

In fact, Barack Obama has invoked a revised version of President Truman's famous saying:

The problem is Barry, no one is buying "The Buck Stops With Me" mantra. Just take a look at these highlights from this past week's press conference to the failure of ObamaCare. Please watch the whole video because it is very revelatory:

You are watching a man completely disconnected from reality and suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. When you watch the press conference, there is no way this man is allowing the buck stop to with him. He can say it does, but his mangled explanations were still deflections of responsibility for the complete and unresolvable failure of ObamaCare.

Truman Obama ResizedIn light of this, we have a new picture, call it a revision of Harry Truman, because Barry, you're no Harry. (Hat tip Jason Zoglmann)





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