The Heck With Hillary

Hillary Rodham ClintonHillary Clinton is by far one of the most polarizing politicians in American history.

She is calculating in her tactics and disingenuous when she acts like she cares about we little people.

This was on display with one of her most insincere and infamous "what difference does it make" performances before a Senate Benghazi hearings.

Mrs. Clinton has once again set her ambitious sights on the White House. Many pundits believe that she will be the inevitable Democrat Party nominee in 2016. After all, she is entitled to it after being denied it by Barack Obama in 2008.

Some believe that Hillary is over confident and should be looking over her shoulder for Elizabeth Warren and Martin O'Malley.

If Warren or O'Malley decide to run, they had better be ready for the full force of the Clinton War Machine, which will do anything to win.

The only saving grace for any other Democrat candidates is that many believe Hillary represents the past and is out of touch with the current Democrat base.

Apparently Hillary is beginning to feel the heat and has released a list of words that could be construed as sexist.

Yeah, will we deal in the truth here at The Truth Watch, so the heck with Hillary.