How to hold a Republican presidential candidate debate

Here is my proposal to make the Republican Presidential Debates issues-only, drama-free.

  1. No network or cable news moderators.
  2. Venues should be the Reagan Library, George Washington’s Mount Vernon Library, and Boston’s Faneuil Hall.
  3. Only three debates with one topic of each: social, economic, and national security issues – the three legs of the conservative stool.
  4. I’d use the same three moderators: Mark Levin, Steve Deace, and Michelle Malkin.
  5. RNC limit participants to the top 8 candidates based off Real Clear Politics Poll Average.
  6. Knowing only eight candidates would have debate access would help weed out candidate posers.
  7. RNC streams live and could charge 99 cents for streaming access or sold to highest bidding social media platform.
  8. The rights to broadcast to highest bidding network. Network would have zero control over debate other than three five-minute commercial breaks.
  9. Candidates would not be able to attack each other or even address each other. Each candidate would have three minutes to answer the same question. Each candidate would have a total of 6 questions; two from each moderator.
  10. Each candidate would have a 2-minute closing statement.

Detractors may think these could be boring, but that would help each candidate to actually display his or her knowledge and personality at the same time. Not having to defend oneself against another candidate’s attack would help voters make a more informed choice.  

If candidates want to attack one another, let them do so with commercials. That would mean they would have to spend campaign money, so if their supporters want that type of behavior, they’ll continue to send their money.

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