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Day One of NFRA Presidential Preference Convention

Great first day here in Des Moines, Iowa for the NFRA Presidential Preference Convention.

National Board of Directors met are were challenged by NFRA President Rod Martin to take advantage of the voter revolution that happened in 2010 and will grow next year.

Keynote speaker for tonight's dinner sponsored by the Tea Party of America was Sharron Angle who inspired the audience with her story of being told by an activist judge she couldn't homeschool her child even though it was legal to running for school board, then serving 4 consecutive terms in the Nevada Assembly, to running for the Senate and winning the GOP nomination in 2010.

Sharron encouraged the audience to run for local office and make a difference "where all politics are local."

Tomorrow we will be having a straw poll which is open to the all registered Republicans for the cost of $20 which includes a pulled pork buffet lunch.

Great set of speakers lined up for tomorrow which includes my buddy Steve Deace, whom I finally met in person today.

For more information about the convention, visit the website.

Incrementalism vs. Pragmatism

The New York Times of all newspapers actually came out with an accurate portrayal of the battle within the pro-life movement. The Saggy Gray Lady in the article "Push for 'Personhood' Amendment Represents New Tack in Abortion Fight", pushed all the right buttons on my buddy Steve Deace and he in his normal reserved manner (j/k) peels the onion back on the article. You need to listen to the whole podcast:

Deace Show Podcast 10-26-11

I called in and put my two cents into the conversation which you can list to the clip below:

Dave on Steve Deace

Just Another Patriotic Event

Today has been the Fourth of July and Memorial Day wrapped up in one. Of course there are no parades or fireworks, but that wonderful patriotic feeling has been sweeping the nation. But is it more than just a feeling, or is the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 just another patriotic event?

I remember what I was doing on 9/11/01; I was buying a car. I remember dropping my wife off at work and driving around waiting for the particular car salesman to come to work. I stopped to get a cup of coffee; I had about an hour to kill. With my coffee, I turned on the radio to listen to the local talk radio. The reporter was saying there was a report of a plane flying into the World Trade Center. I thought I was listening to a modern day version of H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds.”

Then the radio reported that a plane had struck the Pentagon. I knew immediately it was Al Qaeda. How did I know? Because three years earlier Osama bin Laden had issued a fatwa against all things American. I remember having to pull guard duty in the military housing areas in Wiesbaden, Germany were my family and me were living. Long before Homeland Security implemented security measures the military had been dealing with it for years.

I remember standing in the car dealership discussing with customers and salespersons the day’s events. One questioned or not this was Armageddon. I assured them it was not. Another person asked how I could be so sure. I told them because I was still here. All of them gave me a puzzled look so I took the opportunity to explain to them the biblical account of the last days. I did ask them had it been the last days, would they be ready to face Jesus?

I remember telling my church that I was afraid that this would be just another patriotic event as was the case with Operation Desert Storm ten years earlier. I was grateful that American flags were flying, church attendance was up, and the military was back in vogue. But how long would that last?

Symbolically it lasted exactly nine months. On June 11, 2002, American Idol began and immediately became the bright shiny thing distracting America. America had overthrown the Taliban in Afghanistan (at least temporarily); Democrats and liberals were acting their regular selves, having shed their nationalistic veneer. The Radical Left began their campaign of no war for oil and “Bush lied, people died.”

Nine months…just enough time to germinate, grow, and generate the undermining of the nation’s vigilance against a people who worship a false religion that is hell-bent on the destruction of anything and everything American. Don’t believe me? Have you ever read Osama bin Laden’s 1998 fatwa? Understand these words:

The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies -- civilians and military -- is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it, in order to liberate the al-Aqsa Mosque and the holy mosque [Mecca] from their grip, and in order for their armies to move out of all the lands of Islam, defeated and unable to threaten any Muslim. This is in accordance with the words of Almighty God, "and fight the pagans all together as they fight you all together," and "fight them until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in God."

That is not from a religion that’s been hijacked; it is from a religion’s holy men and leaders taking their holy book at its word. But almost immediately after 9/11, we were being assured that Islam was a peaceful religion and that Muslims are a peaceful people. The former is an outright lie and the latter is partially true. There are peaceful Muslims but they are apostates to their evil religion. Every mullah will tell you that any Muslim not adhering to a fatwa is in disobedience to Allah. And yet our former and current president, with the aid of those deceived by political correctness, still insists on perpetrating this insidious lie.

Fast forward ten years later to today. Political correctness has so diluted the minds of those leading America that the mayor of the city where an act of war violently awoke his city refused to allow the very heroes of that infamous day to attend the memorial services held at Ground Zero. You would have thought the President of the United States of America would have used his influence upon Mayor Michael Bloomberg to properly honor the brave heroes who survived that hellish day. But this is the same man, Barack Hussein Obama, who has done more to perpetrate the lie of Islam than any world leader in history.

And what of today’s patriotic events? Will it take another nine months before a new bright shiny thing is introduced to distract America's attention? No, it’ll be just 10 days from now, or nine if you begin tomorrow. Ironically, the same man who brought us American Idol nine months after 9/11/01 will in just nine days bring us The X Factor on 9/21/11. Soon, Americans will be talking about Simon Cowell’s latest production and his nastiness towards its contestants and too many Americans will not only forget what happened ten years ago today, but they also will not remember it without an inconvenient reminder.

I have dreaded today. I knew an emotional breakdown was coming soon. It happened at church this morning during a beautiful video tribute to those brave Americans at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and over the skies of Pennsylvania.

You see, six years and eight days after 9/11/01—September 19, 2007—my world came crashing down upon me. My only son, Sergeant Eddie Jeffers, breathed his last breath on an Iraqi desert floor. He’s with Jesus now and I praise God for that.

However, I didn’t need today as a reminder of what happened ten years ago because it was what drove my only son to join the US Army as an infantryman. He told me when I asked why the Infantry, “I want to kill terrorists Dad.” And he did, so much so that he had lost count. And when I asked him if he was sure of what he was doing before he went on his first tour to Iraq, he told me, “Dad, this is my generation’s fight.”

So I too will never forget, but for different reasons for most Americans. And I do not need a reminder; I’m reminded every morning when I attached my Gold Star pin upon my collar.

You see, this is not just another patriotic even for my family and me…

…it is our life.

New Obama Bumper Sticker

If anyone would like one of my new bumper stickers, please contact me and let me know and I send you ordering instructions. We are taking a $5 donation for each sticker of which $1 will be given to the Fisher House of the Emerald Coast in honor of my son Sergeant Eddie Jeffers, who was killed in Iraq on September 19, 2007.

Check it out, I think you'll like the message it sends:





He Who Lives In Glass Houses…

It appears former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has a plan to beat Texas Governor Rick Perry for the GOP presidential nomination. The Washington Post story tells us that Team Romney is planning on using Perry's book "Fed Up" and his past record against Perry.

Memo to Team Romney: You might want to be careful with that strategy...that's a two-way street. Your record as governor, of which Romney waxes make-believe, is far from anything resembling conservative:

The Mitt Romney Deception

While I'm not sold on Rick Perry nor have I made a decision on the GOP field, I will never vote for Romney based not only on his record as governor, but also, and more importantly, on the deception he is trying to perpetrate about that record. Romney wants us to believe what we read about his record, chief among them RomneyCare, is not what it actually is, but what he would have us to believe it is.





Post Debate Comments

Here's my scorecard:

  1. Newt by a landslide; very presidential
  2. Bachman, strong on constitution
  3. Santorum, slipped from second on his debt ceiling response, but absolutely spot-on solid on his response to no exceptions on abortion and the 10th Amendment.
  4. Herman Cain, excellent responses on the economy and business, recognized his limitations on foreign policy and like a good leader would rely on experts. Likeability factor is #1 among candidates.
  5. Tim Pawlenty, solid on attacking Barack Obama, but he got sissy-slapped around by Michele Bachman. Note to TPaw: if you pick a fight with a girl, make sure you can take her...just sayin'
  6. Mitt - Slick Willard the Snake Oil Salesmen was spared from last place because of Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman.
  7.  Ron Paul - solid on fiscal issues in most cases and the constitution but he is dangerous when it comes to national security and understanding the threat of radical Islam. I told Rand as much in 2007 at NFRA Presidential Preference Convention in St. Louis.
  8.  Jon Huntsman - he's running for President? He was Governor of Utah? He was Obama's ambassador to China? He is very proud of his record...

The 800 lb elephant in the room; make that two of them: Perry and Palin. It's just gettin' started.

All kidding aside, FOXNews did an outstanding job overall with the debate, minus the snarky Chris Wallace and the stupid submission question from Byron Dork...huh?...oh excuse me, Byron York.

GOP Iowa Debate

Okay, most of my commentary will be on my twitter page, but I'll post some responses right here at this blog post. Just a few more minutes and we'll get started.

Stay the Course

Thomas Paine

These past few days have been trying, no doubt. But a patriot long ago wrote that "these are the times that try men's souls." It was December 23, 1776 and the essay, or pamphlet was titled "The Crisis" written by Thomas Paine. If you've never read this brilliant piece, do so because when you feel like giving up because of anger, despair, frustration and/or pessimism, we have to decide what price we are willing to pay for liberty.

Most of you know that my son Sergeant Eddie Jeffers paid the price, as President Abraham Lincoln said at the Gettysburg Address, "the last full measure." Eddie at times felt like giving up; he even wrote about in his article "Freedom Feels Good":

But more than anyone, I sometimes see futility in my actions. I fight, I kill, I scar myself emotionally, psychologically, and in some ways physically...and as I lay in the dark at night, I wonder what it's for. I wonder if the Iraqi people will ever get it together or if the country will collapse on itself whether I am here or not. It makes me angry, and a big part of me is content to let it fall apart. Part of me doesn't care what happens to this God-forsaken city after I leave long as “me and my boys” make it out in one piece.

But that is the viewpoint of a man who wishes his actions to be in vain. I do not. I have lost very close friends over here. I don't want their lives to have been given in vain. Simply put, we are fighters. We are all in the same place for various reasons, for me, it's personal. I am in a modern day crusade to exterminate evil. People whose atrocities I cannot even begin to name cannot be allowed to exist among us. As long as these people are here, everything that is just and good is at risk.

I get as mad as the next person over our side not fighting the good fight, the strong fight, fighting in a manner I was never allowed to while in the Army or my son would have never entertained in combat.

And then I remember that those, for the most part, serving in Congress are not our military...not even close. They have the luxury of compromise, bipartisanship, winning the media war, and whatever else excuse they come up with to justify their weaknesses.

But I cannot dwell on that; it is a distraction. I need to keep focused on ensuring that we continue to fight the statists in the White House and the Democrat Party. I need to keep focused on continuing to scourge the Republican Party of the RINOs in leadership and those so quickly willing to "cross the aisle" to work in a bipartisanship manner...with the statists.

Patriots, we need to continue to elect men like Marco Rubio who refused to vote for the languid legislation some are still trying to tell us was a good bill.

And be there no doubt that many in the ruling class of the GOP would love for us to stomp our feet and take our toys home. You see, many of the Rockefeller Republicans are perfectly comfortable being in the minority because then they can "vote on principle" knowing their vote will not change the outcome but give them top cover. That is the height of political cowardice and those are the politicians who should no longer be representing WE the People.

So, now that a few days have passed, let's take some glass cleaner to our looking glasses and be ever vigilant of Capitol Hill and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

We do not let up the pressure.

We do not take our eye off the objective.

We cannot be "summer soldiers" or "sunshine patriots" that "shrink from the service of [our] country."

We must and can stay the course.

Our very liberty is at stake...


How's that for some aletheia truth. You probably already saw what I posted on my twitter page earlier, but here it is:

ALERT! ObamaScare at 9pm EST. Call the elderly in your life now & say: Obama is a liar. Say it again, Obama is a liar. There, all better!

Here’s the proof that Obama is lying about no guarantee social security checks will be sent out of the debt limit isn’t raised:

Democrats have no shame; even their cheerleaders in the mainstream media are disgusted with the tactics:

Send this email to all your elderly friends who are dependent upon their Social Security checks and tell them not to be scared. They should be made and should call the White House switchboard and tell them as much: (202) 456-1111

Part 3 of the Alana Burke Interview

Truth Watchers, we have posted Part 3 of Dave Jeffers', Founder & President of Aletheia Group L.L.C., interview on The Alana Burke Show. This is where Dave answer Alana's question about voting for the lesser of two evils.

Here are all three parts of the interview in case you missed the first two:

Part 1
Dave on Alana Burke Part 1

Part 2
Dave on Alana Burke Part 2

Part 3
Dave on Alana Burke Part 3

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