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Becoming Better Citizens

Most Americans do not realize that Congress’ passing on omnibus bills is how they protect themselves from voters understanding how they are enriching their capitalist crony buddies. In the latest edition of The Truth Newsletter, we tackle how to become more knowledgeable, thus, better citizens:

Executing the Executive Branch

No, I am not advocating for the demise of President Trump. What I am advocating for and illustrating is the enumerated powers granted to the President. The case for President Trump to fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is covered in the latest edition of The Truth Newsletter: The Truth Newsletter Vol. VII, Is. 8 Please […]

A Greater and Happier People

If revival is the only way to save America, thus making her great again, what must be done? How will that seismic type of movement shake American culture? We look at this topic in the latest edition of The Truth Newsletter:

Smartening-Up America

The latest congressional fiasco, unfortunately signed by President Trump, known as the omnibus bill is the last straw. We can no longer allow a GOP-majority Congress to function like Democrats. They must be removed. We tackle this in the latest edition of The Truth Newsletter:

Loving Those You’d Rather Hate

The political discourse has become so rancorous, that many of us have lost close friends because of it. Was it worth it? We cover this cultural malady in the latest edition of The Truth Newsletter:

In Defense of Our Defense

Well, Congress has done it again! I know that could cover just about anything, but this time I’m talking about our national defense budget. In order for some in Congress to properly fund our military, they had to be bribed. We cover this abomination in the latest edition of The Truth Newsletter:

Schumer Shutdown

When I wrote my “Unshackled” column, the government was facing another shutdown. Since then, the Democrats “led” by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have blinked. To save face, Schumer is threatening another shutdown by taking funding for a border fence off the negotiating table in the immigration policy reform. This is reckless and ridiculous. I […]

Disappointed But Not Shocked

The alleged comments of President Trump about Haiti and Africa, if true (and we’re relying on Dick Durbin’s word) are no doubt not what most of us prefer from our nation’s leader. That being said, I am not shocked by it as I am being implored to be by others.

Doing Our Part

If America is going to be made great again, it will take more than President Donald Trump. Just imagine how much more would have been accomplished in 2017 if were not for the DC Establishment working against the president. President Trump needs our help and that is the topic of the first Truth Newsletter of […]

Thanksgiving 2017

What are you thankful for? Does your gratitude to God extend to the incredible privilege of being born an American? Can this gratitude be turned to useful action for not only our country but more importantly, for the Kingdom of God? We look at the state of our union and what actions Christian citizens can […]