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Playing by the Rules

One thing I learned while being a sports official, is when a team is outmatched by talent, they begin complaining about the officiating. Never mind the unwinnable unforced errors and turnovers they make, they're losing because the officiating is horrible.

This is now the tactic of the Democrat Party.

My advice to coaches was to work on fundamentals, never trying to keep up with being outmatched. Just hustle and improve and your players will eventually get better, if not the best.

The Democrat Party base is made up of radical left wingers who will not denounce the violent actions of ANTIFA, and are even encouraged by their political leaders to be hostile towards political opponents.

If they win, then elections have consequences and we're told to get over it. There's truth in that.

However, when Democrats lose they decry the system they had previously won in, and now it must be changed or usurped by hostile means.

Most Americans are fair-minded people; they know how the system works. As my good buddy Steve Deace always says, elections are won by the candidate who gets the most votes, not the party with the most registered voters.

The way to win at the political game is voter turnout. You've already seen how the Democrats intend to rule if they win.

To keep them in the loser's bracket, our team needs to have more in the voting booth than they do.

Be sure to vote on Tuesday, November 6!