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Who’s Your Base?

Mitt Romney at Values Voters Summit

The Republican Party needs to answer this question. 

In less than a week after the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama and the drubbing of moderate GOP candidate Mitt Romney, a self-described "severe conservative," we are being told by GOP Establishment types, Inside the Beltway "conservative" pundits, and of course the Left Stream Media that the party of conservatives needs to become more moderate.

Today on ABC's The View, Newt Gingrich answered Barbara Walters question about where the GOP went wrong: 

"I think as a party we fundamentally misunderstood the American people."

Newt was right in saying our approach at outreach was flawed, but the party platform clearly understand the American people and more importantly, represents the average American.

What must first happen is for the GOP intelligentsia must decide who is its base.

Barack Obama and the Democratic Party did an outstanding job at reaching out to and getting out its base on Election Day. The Republicans did not. In fact, if values voters are supposedly the GOP's base, can you show me any substantial outreach to the base after the GOP convention?

So, those in charge need to come now let us reason together and decide if their base is the moderate and independent voters or the conservative/values voters who single-handedly put them into and have kept them in power.

I doubt the current crop of Republican Party leaders will ever come to the point that they admit they abandoned their base.

So there are only two solutions as I see it for we conservative values voters.

We either take over the party, or leave it wholesale.

More on that to follow...


Amateurish Assumptions


For some reason I feel compelled to wade into the presidential prediction pool. To borrow a phrase from my friend Sharron Angle, what looks like a hot tub ends up being a cesspool. I don’t do political prognostications for a living; I doubt more than a hundred people really care about my political opinions. I do this out of some sick pleasure, one that can only be cured through expensive therapy, barbaric shock treatments, or the laying on of hands.

I wonder if Benny Hinn is available.

At any rate, my presidential prediction outcome is actually with the prevailing political punditry “wisdom.” I am predicting Mitt Romney is going to win by a landslide, both in the popular vote and the Electoral College. I know right? Talk about going out on a limb.

Using my highly inaccurate and unscientific, albeit top secret, prognostication formula (which means I’m guessing), I predict Mitt Romney will win the popular vote 52% to 47% for Barack Obama. What happened to the other 1%? What do you think?

It is the Electoral College that had me actually doing some research, but I am predicting that Mitt Romney will have won enough states by 7pm Central time (when the polls close in the Florida Panhandle where I live), that he will be declared the winner by at least FOXNews. The others will come along after they hear that ACORN, SEIU, and the Obama attorneys say there is no hope of a second term.

Now I’m about to get real serious. I’m actually going to predict which states will go for Romney and their total electoral votes.

New Hampshire          4
Pennsylvania              20
Virginia                       13
North Carolina           15
Florida                         29
Ohio                             18
Wisconsin                    10
Iowa                               6

Those eight states alone gives Romney 115 electoral votes and with West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, North and South Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah as safe Republican states, that is an additional 235 electoral votes for a total of 350 Electoral College votes.

If I wanted to get way beyond myself I could have thrown in the sure pile Nevada and Colorado for an additional 15 votes (total 365 votes) and if my vertigo was active I could have heaped on Maine, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Oregon for 26 more, which means Romney would end up with 391 Electoral College votes.

I’m really tempted to go all out but like the Nissan commercial I hear a horn honking somewhere in the background so I’ll keep it “safe” predicting a 350 vote total.

So there you have it! You heard here first if you don’t read Dick Morris’ column.

If we're both wrong please send all your hate mail and ridicule notes to dick@dickmorris.com cuz he’s the one who does it for a living.

Me? I’m the guy in need of shock treatment.

A Pastor’s Perspective – Part 6: “I Will Not Sell Out the Gospel”

In our last and longest segment, I ask Bro Dennis about voting against Obama as an enemy of the state. While he recognizes this as a hard issue for everyone, and he states that our people are free to vote as they want, his priority is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bro Dennis Part 6

Please share this with your friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors.

For Liberty!


A Pastor’s Perspective – Part 5: “I Tell Them to Grow Up!”

In this short segment, Bro Dennis tackles the statement of voting third party or not voting for president is a vote for Barack Obama.

If you agree with this statement, you will not like his answer.

Bro Dennis Part 5

The last part of the interview, I ask Bro Dennis if a case can be made to vote against Barack Obama as an enemy of the state.

We'll post that tomorrow.

For Liberty!


A Pastor’s Perspective – Part 4: Hogs Don’t Butcher Themselves

In this segment I ask Bro Dennis if voting for Mitt Romney as a way to save our economy, to stop the bleeding, is allowed biblically?

Bro Dennis comes up with another classic line while talking about Congress and it's unwillingness to make real cuts in the budget.

He then explains from where moral clarity and courage comes, which is so missing in Washington D.C. and is the only hope for our nation.

Bro Dennis Part 4

Next segment we tackle the charge that not voting for Mitt Romney is a vote for Barack Obama.

For Liberty!


A Pastor’s Perspective – Part 3: Tired of Carrots

In this segment we look at the question of voting for Mitt Romney as a way to stop Barack Obama and the quadrennial argument of voting for the lesser of two evils because the Supreme Court is up for grabs.

If you  know Bro Dennis he definitely had an answer for both of these arguments.

Give a listen and please share:

Bro Dennis Part 3

In Part 4 we tackle the argument that this election is all about the economy.

For Liberty!


A Pastor’s Perspective – Part 2: Legitimizing A False Gospel

In this segment Bro Dennis expounds on his opposition to electing a Mormon as President. He tackles the argument that Mormonism will be better exposed with a Mormon in the White House. His classic line from this segment is:

"You can't kiss the girl and slap her at the same time; it doesn't work at the dance."

Give a listen and please share.

Bro Dennis Part 2

In the next segment we switch gears and focus on Obama.

Check back tomorrow for Part 3

For Liberty!


A Pastor’s Perspective – Part 1: Can A Christian Vote for a Mormon?

Many Christians are stating unequivocally that Christian can or cannot vote for a Mormon, depending on your outlook.

Many others are unsure of what to do with the choice of Mitt Romney. I took this question and others to my pastor, Dr. Dennis J. Brunet, Senior Pastor of Midway Baptist Church in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

In this first segment, Bro Dennis (as he likes to be called) gives his answer to the question: Can A Christian Vote for a Mormon?

Give a listen and please share.

 A Pastor's Perspective - Part 1: Can A Christian Vote for a Mormon?

At the end of this segment Bro Dennis comes to the point of explaining the importance of the presidency and why he won't vote for a Mormon.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2.

For Liberty!