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Severing the Second Amendment

The latest shooting at Fort Hood, Texas has reopened the debate of whether or not service members should be allowed to carry weapons on base. Surprisingly, even some veterans are strongly opposed to such an option. Here is this veteran's two cents in the debate.

  1. Crazy people who want to kill will always find weapons. FACT: if military are allowed to carry arms, then crazy dude on Ft Hood only gets one or two shots off before he has 7-8 bullets pumped into him.
  2. We either have the unalienable right to life, which includes defending one's life, or we do not.
  3. We either have the right to keep and bear arms or we do not.
  4. We are either free citizens or we are not.
It is a national disgrace that those who swear to support and defend the US Constitution are not protected by it just because they are on a military base. If you are going to disallow citizens the right to keep and bear arms in one segment of society just because there is the possibility that a crazy person might go on the rampage, then you must disallow all segments of society.
Why is it when the liberals want to ban our guns when there is a shooting in a theater we staunchly defend our 2nd Amendment Rights, but if it happens on a military base, those same defenders use pretzel logic to defend denying those same rights?
Seems to me liberals and and opponents to arming our service members are using the same defense for denying a citizen's 2nd Amendment rights.

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For Liberty! 


Hasan’s Hustle

imageSo once again the Pentagon's Perfumed Princes have been played by a lowly Army major. Relying on the political correctness that has turned our generals into military eunuchs, Nidal Hasan masterfully used our nation's moral relativism to his advantage.


FACT: Hasan's murder spree was an act of terror, but the military to this day calls it work place violence.

FACT: Hasan's radical views were well known by the Army and yet they allowed him to continue as though he was your typical Army officer.

FACT: Hasan demanded to defend himself and to have the Army provide him a defense team, which the Army dutifully paid for Edith tax payer dollars. Among those tax payers are the surviving family members of Hasan's murder spree.

Hasan never had any intention of defending himself. During the trial Hasan admitted that he was the shooter and that he was justified in killing innocent soldiers because he was an Islamic holy warrior.

So when the time came for Hasan to begin his defense, it took him three words to do so: "The defense rests."

Some four years after an obvious attack of terrorism at Foot Hood, Texas the only question left is will the military judge give Hasan his wish and grant him the satanic martyrdom he assumes awaits him.

The only thing awaiting Hasan is hell.