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Why I Write Devotionals

Whispers of Grace CoverI’m often asked what motivates me to write devotionals, and how I got started. It actually began quite innocently on New Years Day, 2008.

I felt the Lord prompting me to write down thoughts He was sharing with me during my quiet time. I wrote them in an email and sent it to about 40 people, primarily close Christian friends.

Over the years my devotional email list has grown to 240 people from all over the United States, plus friends in Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands. Only God could have made that happen.

A few months after I began writing them, I decided to name the collection, “Eavesdropping on God,” based on an idea I got from my pastor, Dr. Dennis Brunet. He has been known to walk up to someone during a sermon and say, “You and I can talk and we’ll just let the others eavesdrop.” So through these devotionals I am inviting you to eavesdrop on God’s conversations with me.

Over the years I have shared my heart with my readers. I’ve tried to be as transparent as possible, outlining the challenges, struggles, and victories of this journey called the Christian life.

About a year and a half ago, my sister Mary encouraged me to put my devotions in a book. I told her that it would be impossible, as I already had over 800 of them.  When she recommended that I organize them by subject or theme, I came up with three categories to use under the main title, Eavesdropping on God: One Man’s Conversations with the Lord.

It was then that I decided to start by publishing three books, all three have become a reality:  Shouts of Joy, Echoes of Mercy, and Whispers of Grace.

I am hopeful that Book Four, Glimpses of Hope, will be published by New Years Day.  In addition, I have begun working on Books Five and Six:  Visions of Faith and Windows to Wisdom, respectively.

Each book contains thirty devotionals to be read as a 30-day journey of spiritual growth. I’ve purposely left out page numbers because each book should be viewed as a collection of devotions that are read one day at a time, and not as a feat to accomplish in one sitting. To aid the reader, each book contains a customized bookmark that resembles the cover.

I had taken a hiatus from writing these devotionals in the past, but I began to miss them like one misses an old friend. This has become my quiet time and meditation, even though I write them down and publish them to the world. I post each one to my Salt and Light blog, and the link is shared on my social media pages.

You are invited to join me on this journey of the Christian life, even if you do not consider yourself a Christian. You can sign up to receive them via email, and feel free follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Most importantly, I ask for your purchase because I am confident they will become valued friends to you, as they are to me. Just click on the links below to get your desired format, Kindle or paperback.

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Kindle Editions

Book One: Shouts of Joy

Book Two: Echoes of Mercy

Book Three: Whispers of Grace

Paperback Editions

Book One: Shouts of Joy

Book Two: Echoes of Mercy

Book Three: Whispers of Grace

Making It Affordable

Amazon booksFriends, have I got a deal for you. I've marked all three of my Kindle edition books to 99 cents. Why? Because I don't want you to have to choice between the three. I want you to have all three. It's about the message and not the money.


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