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Inaugural Daydreaming

I was reminiscing about a group of us Tea Party Patriots going to the Obama Inauguration and protesting his bogus election. We knew that we had to stop Obama from being inaugurated.

What was even better is the Koch Brothers not only bussed us in all across the country, but they also provided us a stipend for food. I think it was $25 or even $50. Not sure; it's been so long.

But then I remembered it couldn't have been Obama's first inauguration, because the Tea Party movement didn't start until 2010.

So I realized it must have been in January 2013 for Obama's second inauguration, but I knew that wasn't possible because I was at church that Sunday, and wouldn't have been in DC that next day.

I can't remember the actual details, because it never happened; none of it.

However, the Lunatic Fringe has become completely unhinged at the thoughts of a Donald Trump inauguration. I admit that I marvel that our nation has actually elected a non-politician to the highest office.

However, the Left has dropped all pretense of civility. The darling of the Left, Rosie O'Donnell has even called for martial law to keep Trump from moving into the White House.

What a turn of events! It's the Left that always accuses conservatives of wanting to violate human rights and the will of the people. We are accused of implementing martial tactics, and now those accusers are openly advocating civil unrest.

It is amazing how the tolerant ones are so intolerant of the rejection of their ideology.

Dear Patriots, we must cover our nation in prayers for peace this week and the coming months.

I fear it may be a rough ride.

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