He Who Lives In Glass Houses…

It appears former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has a plan to beat Texas Governor Rick Perry for the GOP presidential nomination. The Washington Post story tells us that Team Romney is planning on using Perry's book "Fed Up" and his past record against Perry.

Memo to Team Romney: You might want to be careful with that strategy...that's a two-way street. Your record as governor, of which Romney waxes make-believe, is far from anything resembling conservative:

The Mitt Romney Deception

While I'm not sold on Rick Perry nor have I made a decision on the GOP field, I will never vote for Romney based not only on his record as governor, but also, and more importantly, on the deception he is trying to perpetrate about that record. Romney wants us to believe what we read about his record, chief among them RomneyCare, is not what it actually is, but what he would have us to believe it is.