Is Newt Really New?

From this week's The Truth Newsletter:

“When it comes to Newt Gingrich’s claim to having changed his life, the question for all Christian voters is this: ‘Is the road to redemption through Christ open to all, or only of whom we approve?’” --Dave

From The Founders page:

Our Founders were not looking for perfection in a candidate; they knew all too well the fallen nature of man. However, they realized that with its system of checks and balances, our republican form of government could protect against the evils of mankind and still promote the brilliance of learned men.

From The Pulpit page:

Our job as values voters is who can best serve to be that bridge. Israel got King Saul before they had David and Solomon (both of whom were at times wicked as kings). Are we willing to work towards that, or will we allow the Babylonians to continue to raid us?

To The Streets page:

Can WE the People trust a man such a Newt Gingrich with all the baggage he brings with him? What should we consider about the former Speaker of the House when measuring his ability to serve in the highest office of the land?

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