God Is Calling, Is America Listening?

Last Sunday as I was preparing for my Sunday School class on 2 Timothy 3, God put it on my heart to write a devotional series on righteousness. Normally Karen and I attend first service, but Karen was substituting in daycare, so we went to second service. My daughter Tiffany 'Harlan' Schreffler texted me during then (thinking I was already home) telling me I had to hear her pastor's message from that morning.

Karen and I just listened to it. Understand this young pastor is no more than 41 or 42. His name is Dr. Stephen Rummage and he is the senior pastor of Bells Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Fl, just east of Tampa. Dr. Rummage is the product of solid seminary teaching that came about after the Conservative Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Pastor Rummage's sermon dovetails nicely with what I wrote about this past week. Please share it far and wide.

Listen to sermon