My Florida Primary Picks

NOTE: A special thanks and hat tip to Steve Marusich for his research and insights to many of our local candidates.

I know some of you here in the Florida Panhandle are chomping at the bit to do your early voting, but I will not be casting my vote until August 14th so I can continue researching the candidates.

If you are not in a hurry I would advise you of the same. Voter turnout will no doubt be low so the lines will be short if at all.

However, if I were to vote tomorrow, here is where I'm leaning. Keep in mind that I vote in the Republican Primary in Precinct 34 of Santa Rosa County:

US Senate -- Dave Weldon

Public Defender -- Bruce Miller

State Rep District 3 -- Jayer Williamson

Clerk of Court -- Donny "Don" Spencer

Sheriff -- Wendell Hall

Superintendent of Schools -- After further review, I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. George McCormick.

Supervisor of Elections -- Tappie Villane. Sorry Buck Lee, but you've been on the taxpayer dime for far too long. Plus and more importantly I've worked with Tappie before and she is the consummate professional.

Board of County Commissioners District 1 -- Jim Williamson. Jim is the incumbent and father of Jayer. Jim is not taking his incumbency for granted and his working hard for his votes. He visited the house and very humbly asked for my vote. Plus the other two were kinda late entries which gives me reason to doubt the preparation and perseverance.

Board of County Commissioners District 3 -- this is my anti-incumbent vote (along with voting against Buck Lee) and plus J. Ed Carson is impressive. At least one new commissioner on the board of Ed's caliber will shake things up a bit.

Board of County Commissioners District 5 -- I'm voting for the incumbent Lane Lynchard who I believe to be a good and honorable man. This will be his second term.

Circuit Judge, 1st Judicial Circuit Group 15 -- Terry Ketchel 

School Board District 2 -- Joseph Pool. Sorry Mr. Winkles, 20 years on the school board is long enough.

School Board District 4 -- Jenny Granse

Republican Party State Committeman -- Uriah Matthews

Non-binding referendum -- Yes