Who’s Your Base?

Mitt Romney at Values Voters Summit

The Republican Party needs to answer this question. 

In less than a week after the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama and the drubbing of moderate GOP candidate Mitt Romney, a self-described "severe conservative," we are being told by GOP Establishment types, Inside the Beltway "conservative" pundits, and of course the Left Stream Media that the party of conservatives needs to become more moderate.

Today on ABC's The View, Newt Gingrich answered Barbara Walters question about where the GOP went wrong: 

"I think as a party we fundamentally misunderstood the American people."

Newt was right in saying our approach at outreach was flawed, but the party platform clearly understand the American people and more importantly, represents the average American.

What must first happen is for the GOP intelligentsia must decide who is its base.

Barack Obama and the Democratic Party did an outstanding job at reaching out to and getting out its base on Election Day. The Republicans did not. In fact, if values voters are supposedly the GOP's base, can you show me any substantial outreach to the base after the GOP convention?

So, those in charge need to come now let us reason together and decide if their base is the moderate and independent voters or the conservative/values voters who single-handedly put them into and have kept them in power.

I doubt the current crop of Republican Party leaders will ever come to the point that they admit they abandoned their base.

So there are only two solutions as I see it for we conservative values voters.

We either take over the party, or leave it wholesale.

More on that to follow...