Ridiculous Republican Rhetoric

4elephant_dunce_HemeraLet's say you have a debt limit on your credit cards that you've maxed out.

We'll say $10,000.

If the credit card company calls you and says, "Dave, you've got an out of control spending habit that you need to curtail. But until you can pass a budget, oh say in 3 months, we will suspend your debt limit."

Now, have I stopped spending money? No!

Am I allowed to spend more on superfluous items I've already committed to, say another $1000? Yes!

And if I add that $1000 to my debt, did I just "increase" my debt? Yes!

Silly questions? Yes! But the knuckleheads we have leading us in the GOP-led House are trying to convince us that by suspending the debt limit, they haven't increased it.

If a Democrat was to tell us something like that we'd call them, well...a knucklehead.

Oh but if a Republican tells us that we're supposed to gladly swallow that nonsense.

Sorry, I'm not biting.

If you voted for the debt "suspension" you are part of the problem and you need to go.

Now I love my congressman Jeff Miller; he's been more than kind to my family. But my brother, it is time for you to come home. With the newsletter you sent out today, it is clear you have lost touch with reality.