Template for a Third Party

Yesterday my pastor and I were having breakfast together. He asked me if I thought there would ever be a major third political party. I told him that if Karl Rove wins the battle for the GOP in the 2014 mid-term elections, there will definitely be a third party.

Many pundits are describing the battle within the Republican Party as a civil war. I believe it is a revolutionary war because true conservatives, socially and/or fiscally-minded, are trying to start a new party within an old party, based on traditional principles and values.


What we have in the current Republican Party are the Loyalists, known as Rove’s RINOs, and revolutionaries, made up of tea party members, constitutionalists, values voters, and anyone else opposed to maintaining the GOP status quo. It is the working class revolting against the ruling class.

If Karl Rove, in his faux Conservative Victory Group with front man American Crossroads’ President Stephen J. Law (who used to be the chief of staff for…wait for it…Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell), is successful in selecting “the right candidates” that are not far-right conservatives and Tea Party members, then the Republican Party is over. It will go the way of the party they replaced at their beginning, the Whigs.

And if we have a major third party that will surely split the traditional Republican vote, and we will lose more seats in 2014, and Hillary Clinton will be sworn in as the 45th and first woman President of the United States in January 2017.

If the Lord tarries and we still have a country, the new third party will have to coalesce by hopefully 2018 to win back congressional seats and put forth a strong candidate to beat Madame President Clinton in 2020.

This is why Karl Rove and his RINO Ruling Class must be defeated once-and-for-all.

Not a pretty picture, but we speak the aletheia truth here.