A Timely Book (And it’s free!)

UE Cover"We are in a social civil war and we are losing because too many of us cannot 'be found in the thickest part of the battle.' Too often 'when the wind blows cold' in the form of opposition or ridicule, the evangelical does not take 'the bleak side of the hill,' but he or she runs from the hill. No more! As Reverend Spurgeon says, we must once again carry 'the heaviest end of the cross' on our shoulders."

I wrote those words, including parts of a Charles Spurgeon quote, in 2006. Nine years later they ring even truer as we find ourselves in the final battles of the social civil war. 

That's why I want everyone to have a free copy of this book. It's available through Friday.

Please get your copy today by clicking on the book cover and share with everyone.