The Perfect Candidate

Mike HillI've been accused of wanting a perfect candidate. That accusation is somewhat true. While I realize no man or woman is perfect, do we always have to settle for the lesser of two evils?

The answer is no! A man I consider a dear friend and brother-in-Christ is running for the Florida Senate. His name is Mike Hill. He has served faithfully and fearlessly in the Florida House and is now ready to represent the Florida Senate District 1.

You may not live in our district, but wouldn't it be nice to say you had a hand in electing what we've for so long been searching in a candidate?

Please prayerfully consider financially supporting Mike's candidacy. He is a Christian warrior, a veteran, husband, father, and successful small business owner.

Please take a moment to visit Mike's website and learn more about this great Christian patriot.

Karen and I proudly endorse and support Mike. We pray you will do so too.

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